Get ICON Rocklear! Outperforms ceramics: 75x stronger, 35x thicker, 30% glossier. No annual upkeep, lifetime warranty optional.

Guarantee & Warranty


What sets Tap and Shine apart from any other coating shops in or around Calgary is our ability to install Icon Rocklear and our hassle-free, unmatched guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Icon Rocklear Coating Guarantee

  1. This guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions below.
  2. If the client has paid all applicable fees and taxes, Icon Rocklear Inc. guarantees that the Icon Rocklear coating will protect the vehicle/boat or unit’s finish to which it has been applied, whether in part or whole, subject warranty terms duration as denoted as Schedule “A”.
  3. The guarantee is only valid when Icon Rocklear is applied in a licensed facility and by an Icon Rocklear Inc. trained technician.
  4. Icon Rocklear coating much be inspected within 18 months of application. This inspection is the sole responsibility of the client. The client is responsible for the amount charged (if there is) by the installation location to inspect the unit. The client must then be forwarded a copy of that inspection to Icon Rocklear Inc. head office. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the warranty being VOID.

Limitations and Omissions

  1. This agreement is valid only if;
    1. The Icon Rocklear coating was sold by an authorized dealer, licencee or partner.
    2. The dealer and or licencee agree that the paint and/or gel coat are in good condition and suitable for application and is only applied to auto/road units and gel coat.
    3. The Icon Rocklear application is applied by a certified application technician and in a certified facility.
    4. Icon Rocklear is not responsible for repair or damage/flaws caused by:
      1. Damage to the Icon Rocklear coating
      2. Stone Chips
      3. Collision
      4. Fire
      5. Willful damage
      6. Negligent or unlawful behaviour
      7. Spinning brush equipped car washes
      8. Handheld car washes
      9. Automatic car washes
      10. Repainted or repaired panels
      11. Accessories added post application
      12. Coming in contact with acid, heavy chemicals, fuels, bleach, paint, inks, dyes, oil, corrosive materials, or any other substance deemed harmful to the Icon Rocklear coating
      13. Dust particles and/or dirt debris

The Client Must Advise If:

(not applicable in the case of new units unless:)

  1. Paint body work or gel coat repair has been applied to the unit within 60 days of application.
  2. Paint sealants, protective coatings, or any other applications have been applied to the unit.

Icon Rocklear Inc. is not responsible for damage or flaws to these items:

  1. Vinyl trim
  2. Glass
  3. Chrome
  4. Headlamps/covers
  5. Aluminum and or metal parts
  6. Rubber parts

Icon Rocklear Inc. is not responsible for flaws, factory defects, deficiencies, warranties in the treated materials, it’s installation or manufacture.

Icon Rocklear Inc. is not liable or responsible for any services, repairs that are covered by;

  1. Repairers guarantee or warranty
  2. Manufacturer or agreement warranty
  3. Insurance policies

under the terms of this agreement Icon Rocklear Inc. is not responsible for incidental, direct or indirect, consequential or special damages.

Procedure for warranty application:

  1. The client must first take the unit to the licencees location where Icon Rocklear was applied.
  2. The licenced facility must contact and attach a copy of the new inspection report.
  3. A certified warranty expert much inspect the unit before any authorization for warranty can begin.
  4. Warranty is effected by re-application to the failed panels.

Schedule "A"

Icon Rocklear Coverage Index

Type of Unit Protected Coverage Covered Damage
Regular Painted Substrate (Auto, Motorcycle, Painted Steel)
Paint on exterior surface.
Delamination, peeling and/or premature fading due to product failure for a period of 5 years.
Boat, Fiberglass Autos, Fiberglass Parts
Gel coated boats, fiberglass autos, bikes, fiberglass parts.
Delamination, peeling and/or premature fading due to product failure for a period of 3 years.

The Tap And Shine Guarantee

20 Year Coating Guarantee Terms

Your Icon Rocklear coating is warrantied for defects for a period of 20 years when you get one layer installed.

Lifetime Coating Guarantee Terms

Your Icon Rocklear coating is warrantied for defects for lifetime when you get two or more layers installed.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

We warranty your Icon Rocklear coating installation for lifetime – meaning if there are ever any issues with the workmanship, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. If there are any install issues, they usually show up within the first 30 days post-installation.

Guarantee Exclusions

Damages to the coating form third-party, collisions, and due to not following the aftercare instructions are not covered under the guarantee & warranty terms.

Ceramic Coating Warranty

Our 30 Day Reapplication Guarantee

For the first 30 days after the initial ceramic coating install, if the coating doesn’t perform as promised, we’ll apply a one-time free reapplication.

XPEL Fusion (Ceramic Coating) Warranty

GYEON Q2 (Ceramic Coating) Warranty

How to start a ceramic coating warranty claim:

In the event that you’re eligible for coverage, your coating will be reapplied at no charge through Tap And Shine.

To start a warranty claim, just text us at (587) 741-1555. Please ensure you have a copy of your receipt/invoice from your original installation ready when starting your claim.


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