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PPF vs. Icon Rocklear: Understanding the Differences

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When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, two popular options emerge: Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Icon Rocklear coating. Both offer unique advantages, but understanding their differences is key to choosing the right protection for your car. Let’s dive into how PPF compares to Icon Rocklear and why the latter might be the superior choice for many drivers.

Durability and Renewability

PPF, like to a screensaver for your phone, acts as a shield against the elements but isn’t impervious to wear and tear, taking a beating over time. Over 5-10 years, it’s prone to cracking, chipping, fading, peeling, yellowing, and dulling the paint beneath it. Consequently, PPF will require replacement, entailing additional costs for removal and reinstallation.

Icon Rocklear coating, on the other hand, introduces a renewable solution. Should any damage occur, such as scratches or scuffs, the affected area can be easily buffed out. A new layer of Icon can then be applied, restoring the coating’s protective and aesthetic properties. Even etching is a quick fix, easily remedied with a heat gun in a matter of minutes.

Cost-Effectiveness and Protection Level

One of the most compelling advantages of Icon Rocklear is its cost-effectiveness. While PPF is 7.5 mils thick, a single Icon layer can achieve up to 2.5 mils of thickness. Icon Rocklear is also “stackable”, meaning three layers of Icon easily match the thickness of PPF, offering equivalent protection. 

However, the full-body Icon protection comes at a price comparable to nearly half of what you would pay for full-body PPF, making Icon a more economically savvy choice for comprehensive full-body vehicle coverage.

Aesthetic Longevity

Over time, PPF can lose its luster, succumbing to dullness, yellowing, or fading. 

Icon Rocklear, however, is designed to maintain a high gloss, known to be 30% glossier than ceramic coatings. This ensures that your vehicle not only stays protected but also retains its shine for decades, far outpacing the aesthetic longevity of PPF.

Warranty and Assurance

Warranty coverage is another area where Icon Rocklear stands out. PPF typically offers up to a 10-year warranty. 

In contrast, a single layer of Icon Rocklear boasts a 20-year warranty, with two or more layers providing a lifetime warranty. This extended warranty underscores the confidence in Icon’s durability and protective qualities over time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between PPF and Icon Rocklear coating boils down to prioritizing long-term protection, renewability, and cost-effectiveness. 

While PPF has been a go-to for many vehicle owners, Icon Rocklear presents a compelling alternative that addresses many of PPF’s limitations. 

With its ability to be renewed, its economical full-body protection, superior gloss, and extended warranty, Icon Rocklear is poised to revolutionize how we protect our vehicles’ paint. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, durability, or both, Icon offers an innovative solution that ensures your car remains in pristine condition for years to come.

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